STOP the Bullying

Free 90 Minute Live Webinar

  • Does your child beg to stay home from school?
  • Does your child have trouble sleeping, or complain of stomach or headaches?
  • Does your child feel picked on or ridiculed?
  • Or does your child just not feel safe because they see kids get away with bullying others?
  • Are you tired of the back and forth with teachers and school administrators that goes NOWHERE?

When we learn that our child is being bullied in school our gut reaction may be extreme. We may go into “mama bear” mode, or get very emotional talking to teachers, school officials, or maybe even confronting the bully’s caregivers. These approaches are rarely effective.



By the end of STOP The Bullying you will understand the 5 Myths About Bullying and how to defeat them.

AND you will discover the 3 things you must know BEFORE you contact the school.

Once you understand how to effectively communicate with the school, you can become an advocate for your child and that will immediately ratchet down the anxiety and pain you and your child feel.

Imagine the relief when teachers and school administrators start looking out for your child and ALL children subject to the taunts, snubbing, humiliation, and property destruction of bullies.

I’m Joanne O’Brien founder of An Uncommon Mind, and I have been in your shoes. I was bullied in school, as was my daughter. In fact, experts predict over 30% of all children are bullied sometime during their K-12 school years, so I know there are many of you out there who are facing this trauma right now. And I KNOW it can be stopped.


Please join me. What do you have to lose? Saturday November 6th 9, 4:00 PM Eastern


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